You Have To Play This Online Game That Is Considered By Many Better Than World of Warcrat

They swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Aion Game

Here is a feedback from a top player:

“I quit WoW to play Aion. Why? Well, I played WoW for a very long time. I didn’t just play WoW.. It was my JOB. I played for at least 7 hours a day, raiding with one of the top raiding guilds on my server. It took FOREVER to get through an entire raid instance every single night. The drama between guild members was extreme because we basically spent all night with each other, and it took so much effort to coordinate 20ish people to correctly do the boss encounters.

Basically, when you play WoW to its fullest, it becomes a job. There is SO much to do that it’s overwhelming, and if you WANT to raid like I did, you’ve got to keep up. It was too much work, and while it was the most fun I’ve had on any MMO at the same time, it got old.

So I’m on Aion now, and I’m okay with it. I think about WoW sometimes, but I don’t think I’d go back because I wouldn’t enjoy the game unless I play it like I used to, and that just took too much time and energy. “

Beginner Tips

First of all, you need to go to Asmodian.

Trust me on this.

This is the best race to have a chance to gather everything you’ll need to start your big journey at Atreia.

See this video to have a first look of AION:

Participating in Siege Rivalry within Tiamaranta will probably be just about the most stimulating new hobbies for our online players. This kind of conflict takes place 3 times day after day and permits gamers to combat to handle the four Hearts connected with Tiamat. These Hearts usually are contested fortresses and PvP areas. Located in the some corners of Tiamaranta, often the Hearts are actually each and every governed by one of Tiamat’s Métamorphose. When a distinct group beats the actual Incarnation, they then command that Heart.

Carefully approach and reap the incentives! There are a lot of fantastic rewards in addition to special areas related to Duress Warfare, so it will help to you will understand the schedule, travel procedures, and strategy needed to with success engage in these battles.

#1 Find Free Stuff: The Atreian Passport

Once you log into the action, before you do anything else, access your personal Atreian Passport and promise your free Daily Surprise! This new feature gives you free of charge stuff just for logging inside! You can read more about it in this article.

#2 Get our free townhouse right away

The housing location is available to all Daevas (level 10) via teleport, yet players must be at least stage 21 in order to obtain the free of charge townhouse. Once 21 or more, they just need to complete a quick series of quests in order to get their particular townhouse. Players will need to discover the New House Promoter NPCs in the capital cities. Elyos figures should talk to Harinus within Sanctum and start with “The Living is Easy”. Asmodians need to begin with the “Give My Regards to Pernon” quest offered by Randiten within Pandaemonium.

Find your place in order to call home. Thinking to your self, “I don’t need a townhouse”? You’d be well served to keep in mind that the housing area provides a variety of special resources for example buffs, extra storage space, as well as special items. Even Daevas with extreme wanderlust will be wise to find a place to contact their own in the new real estate districts.

#3 Get More XP: The actual Fast Track Server

The most effective way for players to degree quickly is the Fast-Track Machine. From levels 1 in order to 50, the fast monitor server provides a 200% XP boost, so you’ll have the ability to level twice as fast simply by being on it! Additionally , this is a safe zone from PVP combat, so you’ll become free to concentrate on maximizing your own XP. You can stay on the actual Fast-Track Server until you strike level 56. Once achieving level 56, you will go back to the Standard Server and continue your gameplay on our house server. By then you’ll have the ability to the tools you need to be a powerful opposition to those who would challenge anyone!

#4 Get Style: The African american Cloud Marketplace

The African american Cloud Marketplace is your supplier to get special items that can assist you level quicker, battle a great deal better, or just help you add some personalized fashion to your gameplay. Really 100% Free, which implies that you can do every thing in the game without having to pay a penny to get to max levels, gear up, participate in PVP and PVE content. However we fortunately have a variety of things to raise your Daeva’s standard of living. Available both via website and through the in-game star, the Black Cloud Software industry lets players shop for items that may help them get the most out with their game. It’s all your choice as to what you buy.

#5 NCoin

To look at the Black Cloud Market place, you’ll need NCoin, that is our in-game currency.


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