Why You Should Be Ashamed Too To Leave Your Baby Completely Naked

You tell everyone that your computer is all your life and then you through him – without defence – into the world of cyber-criminals. Shame on you if you loose everything ! !

Without an antivirus, you feel insecured

Yes, your computer is your baby.

You should be ashamed to leave him completely naked !

And yes, you need that antivirus you are talking everyday. But better to start with an antivirus strategy first if you do not want to loose the battle.

Indeed, viruses have grown in the long run and therefore are today considerably more harmful and threatening than ever. They have evolved in sophistication, layered on top of lessons learned and computer code compiled by knowledgeable developers of negative motive over the years.

computer-is-my-babySo do not let completely naked yout computer without a comptent antivirus and without an efficient strategy.

Virus development and virus protection are leapfrog events. What I mean by this is that a virus is created and deployed. Once discovered, anti-virus software companies such as Symantic, Norton or McAfee build defenses for the new virus and deploy these updates to those customers using their software.

Companies such as Microsoft and Apple are also regularly creating patches and updates to plug vulnerabilities found in their operating systems and are then deploying these to their customer base. As long as there are people and entities out there with mal-intent, this cycle will continue.

You may purchase and install virus protection software one day that defends against a number of existing known external threats, but tomorrow, something new is out there and it might get through until such time as your anti-virus defending software gets updated again to protect you against the new threat – but then you only get protected against the new threat if you are diligent about keeping your anti-virus software on your computer as current as possible. So this is the first strategy you need to employ: Always keep the anti-virus software you have purchased as current as possible. When updates are offered, implement them as soon as you can.

The next thing to understand is that there is no one anti-virus product out there today that can protect you against everything. So this means that to further minimize your system’s vulnerability – and you can never be totally secure – you want to keep your computer’s operating system as current as possible as well.

When security updates are offered, be aware that these are being offered because new system vulnerabilities have been uncovered and that what you are implementing as an update has been put out there to help protect your system against these new vulnerabilities found.

There are many aspects to protecting your computer these days relating to the use of and operation of anti-virus software. First, when you do updates to your anti-virus software application or applications, it is also not a bad idea to also regularly do a complete scan of your hard drive for viruses after the updates have been installed. By doing this, you may find some viruses that you can eradicate that were let into your computer since your last update.

Next, after you complete your updates and drive scans and your system shows you that it is clean at that point, take a full backup of your system and files as well. You never know if you’ll have to revert to this backup point at some time in the future if you subsequently get hacked or a new virus appears on your drive. Doing regular “Clean System” backups of your systems is one of the best defenses you have against damage causing intrusions.

Furthermore, ensure that the backup copies that you are performing are saved on an external hard drive that you only plugged to your laptop or computer when accomplishing the data backup. You conduct this to avoid infections going to and infecting all those external disks as well.

In conclusion, if you comply with these tips you will go a good way to shielding your systems and lessening problems if a breach of any sort occurs and get access to your hard drive or enterprise network.

You can try McAfee Antivirus here.

What are the real benefits of McAfee Antivirus

Regarded as the most significant protection technology on earth, McAfee is powered by Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). This permits family home and industry computers to remain safeguarded against damaging trojans, spyware and adware, as well as cyber criminals.

Founded in 1987 and based out of Santa Clara, California, McAfee has set the standard for online security. They continue to stay one-step ahead of all online threats, even with their antivirus software programs:

  • Antivirus Plus
  • Internet Security
  • Total Protection

Antivirus Plus Features and Benefits

McAfee AntiVirus Plus

Consumers can enjoy constant security software scans and protection against malware, spyware, and other potential online risks.  Additional features include:

  • Digital data shredding
  • Exclusive anti-bot protection
  • Fast start-up and scan times
  • PC tune-up
  • Pre-install scan
  • Real-time safeguards
  • Safe searching and shopping
  • Two-way firewall
  • USB and removable drive scan

Most of the basic antivirus software programs offered by other companies do not offer as many features and benefits.  Additional costs typically need for two-way firewalls, safe search and shopping, as well as PC tune-up features.

We recommend comparing the features and benefits to other antivirus companies on our website.  While this option does not offer all the security McAfee has available, it does offer more than other companies do.

The most notable benefit offered is the PC tune-up.  McAfee’s QuickClean removes cached browser files, unused apps, and anything else slowing down your computer.  Normally this is only available in more expensive software programs.
Internet Security Features and Benefits

You will not find many differences between McAfee’s Antivirus Plus and Internet Security.  However, some of the features offered with this antivirus software could make the difference in your decision.

The additional features with Internet Security are:

  • Anti-Spam– Eliminates the potential risks of SPAM by filtering them before they reach your inbox.
  • Online Backup– Protect personal files, images, and other confidential information from being lost.
  • Parental Controls– A beneficial tool for any parent protecting their children during online exploration.
  • Surfing Report– A feature allowing you to see login times, attempts to access forbidden sites, and the amount of time spent online.

We only recommend Internet Security if you have children using the Internet at home or have any personal content on the computer.  In this case, the online backup, parental controls, and surfing report will be a necessity.  In addition, the online backup only offers 1GB.  If you need more space, McAfee’s Total Protection software will be more beneficial.

Total Protection Features and Benefits

McAfee Total Protection

This antivirus software offers all the protection the first two software programs offers, but also:

  • Anti-Phishing Software – Keeps you from entering an area where scammers can steal information.
  • Encrypted Storage – Makes it almost impossible to read confidential files and documents.
  • Safe URL Sharing – Allows you to share your personal life with others without worry.
  • URL Shortener – Makes a link shorter so you have more room for posts and tweets.
  • Wireless Network Protection

We do not really know what kind of security specifications, you require, but the Total Protection software gives all McAfee’s online security. In case you think some or all of the functions and advantages connected with this ant-virus application must be available, this particular software program may very well be the perfect option.

You can try McAfee Antivirus here.

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