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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Surprise Your Dog More Often

    He’s the one who is always with you for any and every events in your life I’m telling you: you have a friend for life! He’s big but not too big to play with you Your dog supports you with no judgment and no disgusting morality And your dog loves you – no strings attached!

  • 6 Dogs Who Are Kids Best Friends

    Today, I want to share with you some stunning short stories. In facts, It will be photos. You puppy accepts you just as you are. No matter what. He barks. He take all the place. Everything gets dirty all around the place. But… You know. For the lover, you know what  I mean. Cheers.   […]

  • You Can Do Something More Intelligent With Your Finger Now!

    Today, We’re going to see the work of Dito Von Tease Back to 2009, she’s used this stuff to make his avatar on Facebook and since then her work was reviewed everywhere in the world from radio to TV as in London & Paris in art galleries. Nice find, nice opportunity and nice job ! […]

  • Which Colorful Diversity Would You Want To Try For 1 Day?

    Today, We are happy to share with you the work this guy portofolio. This is the portfolio of his vacation over 10 years around the world with beautiful people. You can discover more on his website: Let’s go. Varanasi, India Chinguetti The Omo Valley, Ethiopia Tibet Sri Lanka Djenne, Mali Battambang, Cambodia Yangon Market, […]

  • Are You This Genuine or Fake People ?

    We all know these kinds of situations in our job. There is the people who are charmly genuine and ready to help everybody for the sake of helping and there is the dirty bastard or the fake people who do everything that is possible to get a better life at the depend of others. From […]

  • What Everybody Ought To Admire In Architecture

    Berlin, Germany Tobias, is a professional photographer from germany. His passion is architecture. Amazing architecture magnified by his photo shoot’s skill. Just see what he sees that you don’t see. To make a story short : around 8 minutes exposure and as up to 6 hours of editing. The first one: Train Station Liège-Guillemins In […]

  • 10 Things You Will Never Be Able To Do With Avocados

    Creadorm on his facebook page here, show us what to do, before eating one on these avocados. This is a dilemma. Some people love avocados, others hate them… but here everybody will look at you with a stunning and amazing face. WTF this is gorgeous and just for that I will taste one !  

  • What Memorable Flirts Are You?

    Directly from Bangkok, Thailand, a great artist share with us – on his facebook – 10 memorable illustrations. And what kind of illustrations. Love. Romance. Humour. Intense situation. Risk. I mean, he has grasped the special moment, the special gesture, the special emotion of the “first time” kindness. See for yourself and share with us […]