4 Steps You Need To Do To NOT Bring The Hell Out Of Your Computer

Your friends are repeatdly telling you to backup your hard disk but this is even worst !

PC burned by antivirus, malwares, adwares

Lots of anti-virus and anti spyware and adware applications are actually simply reachable through the web, together with the risk of a virus propagate that can only take a few minutes. Antivirus program must be able to identify 100% of all the risks to provide complete safeguard. A variety of services can be found to find out which software program complies with these requirements. However choosing between the several on the market program and their various editions can be a tedious task. Thankfully you can find simple ways to take into account to make the process less difficult and straightforward.

Take these 4 easy steps on how to choose the right antivirus software:

1. The first thing you should do when selecting antivirus software is to recognize what you are aiming to shield against. What are you mainly concerned about, system failure or security? Nearly every user tries to prevent system failure but for some who use their computers to store confidential documents and very important files, security is their biggest concern. No matter what the case will be, you will need to understand what computer threats you would possibly encounter. If you use email and file-sharing applications, you might prefer an antivirus software that gives extra security for those avenues.

2. Think about your computer system and operating system (OS). The antivirus software that you will choose to protect your computer should be compatible with your system and your unique needs. Recommendations and testimonials from other users are great. But just because a friend of yours likes or dislikes certain antivirus software, it does not mean you should or should not take note of their advice. Some users install operating systems that have built in protection against certain security threats and one of these is the Vista. Vista is an operating system that acts like its personal firewall because it asks the user to approve most tasks before they are executed. This may lessen the necessity for bulky complex antivirus software.

3. It is time to consider the cost. How much are you ready to spend to keep your computer protected? For most people a low price is essential. Nevertheless, they say you get what you pay for is still relevant. This means you will have the need to make a little research, so that you would be able to get the finest quality protection at the lowest price.

4. Finally, when all the things needed to be done have been achieved, it is now time to buy and install your new software. It is very important that you follow all the directions exactly to guarantee the application will execute properly. After trying out your new software, find out what is the real charge of owning it. Not like other types of software, antivirus software needs to be constantly updated to continue being effective. Moreover, new versions should be bought every year to retain the utmost level of protection. Dealer prices for annual licenses and upgrades differ widely.

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Why Avira Antivirus is the best free antivirus software ?

As recently as a year or two ago, it was easy to pick a free antivirus package. Almost any of a half dozen free virus scanners did an acceptable job, and largely stayed out of the way of the OS when configured properly. Times change, however.

A combination of increased malware and virus activity along with lax updates and regression on free antivirus suites has narrowed the field down to a handful of worthy packages. Older chart toppers like AVG have fallen hard and fast, while outside-the-PC solutions such as router-based antivirus scanning (some routers offer full-service antivirus solutions built right into the firmware, blocking threats before they ever touch your PC) have become new preliminary lines of defense. It’s a whole new world out there, with more threats and vectors of attack but fewer worthwhile defenders.

We looked at the remaining free antivirus packages of note, examined their security, stability and performance in various independent test reports and compared them in a series of usability tests on our own PC to arrive at the results below. While there is a rough ranking here, these products are largely separated by usage profile and personal style. All have made the cut, but some are better in certain areas than others.

When it comes to the comparison, no free antivirus software comes close to Avira. Number one in real-world performance and ahead of the other free packages in almost every independent antivirus research ranking, Avira holds a commanding laboratory lead over the other free packages.

Avira is also impressive when it comes to features. A healthy suite of antivirus tools is provided, with link scanning, malware and rootkit protection present and accounted for, although Avira isn’t alone in this generosity; AVG offers even more at the same goose-egg price tag.

Charts and checkboxes don’t tell the whole story however, and Avira’s top-of-class status is blemished by a few small but notable flaws. First among these is speed but which antivirus do not slow down any computers ? It simply doesn’t exist !

While plenty quick in Win 8 and 8.1, Avira struggles to keep up on Windows 7 systems but that’ok dude, which remain popular, especially for gaming. Another, more serious problem is the lack of behavioral virus blocking. Avira may have excellent threat definition files that get updated with the best in the industry, but if the virus isn’t on file, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Avira also has a spotty record with adware, phishing and malware. Independent testing shows hit-and-miss results, producing scores that barely beat Microsoft’s built-in Security Essentials protection, AKA the antivirus world’s counterpart to Notepad.

Avira’s adware and spyware defense has increased somewhat in latest editions.

Despite these little annoyances for the free version and the occasional ad popup, Avira narrowly takes the top position, presuming the consumer encounters standard to medium threats. but even so, I’ve never compromise the security and safety of my computer with this outstanding and frequently updated antivirus.

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