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    New York Hotels : Only for Book Lovers

    Today, We are in New York City. Ok maybe this is not something special for you – or new – but this hotel in New York with a library is original and pushed to its fullest. Indeed, boys and girls. You have 10 floors and each of them represents a categorie from the Dewey Decimal […]

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    Boston Hotels: People Pay Big Bucks To Sleep in Jail!

    Hello, Have you heard of the Charles street jail ? Now It’s the liberty hotel in Boston. Most of the things have been preserved like the Clink restaurant and the Alibi bar. Discover the jail cells, catwalks and on. Don’t forget to discover and why not to book a hotel in Boston if you need […]

  • Who Is Stronger ?

    Wow, This is a fantastic work by a japanese guy. Hot.kenobi is a photographer. Enjoy these action figures from DC, Marvel or Star Wars. Really, really great and fun. Thanks to him and here is his instagram.              

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    Completely Surreal Rainforest… Inside an Hotel!

    Hello, It’s from Dubai: Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences…. coming in 2018 if everything goes fine. There are a beach, a sky  pool, trees with real mist and by the way you still have all the luxury from SPA, restaurants, cinema, a bowling and on and on. Thanks to the ZAS Architecture and the […]

  • Which Steampunk Style Accessory Do You Like ?

    Hi, Today we are with Viktoria Soloveva. The funnny  thing is that it all starts to a job at home. And then she thinks, she could be better that all the jewelry she saw in the shop. Of course, it was not beautiful in the first run but today just have a look. If you […]

  • Look How This Mom Makes Her Daughter So Very Special

    This is the family Courts. You can visit their website here and instagram there. The mom is a photographer. If you want such costumes and try to challenge them, then you can go to the Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and start your journey there. This is cosplay at its greatest. For the story, it can […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Surprise Your Dog More Often

    He’s the one who is always with you for any and every events in your life I’m telling you: you have a friend for life! He’s big but not too big to play with you Your dog supports you with no judgment and no disgusting morality And your dog loves you – no strings attached!

  • 6 Dogs Who Are Kids Best Friends

    Today, I want to share with you some stunning short stories. In facts, It will be photos. You puppy accepts you just as you are. No matter what. He barks. He take all the place. Everything gets dirty all around the place. But… You know. For the lover, you know what  I mean. Cheers.   […]

  • You Can Do Something More Intelligent With Your Finger Now!

    Today, We’re going to see the work of Dito Von Tease Back to 2009, she’s used this stuff to make his avatar on Facebook and since then her work was reviewed everywhere in the world from radio to TV as in London & Paris in art galleries. Nice find, nice opportunity and nice job ! […]

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